[200q20v] UFO brake upgrade

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at uslink.net
Mon Oct 2 21:23:43 EDT 2000

Fellow UFO watchers,
  I just finished adding a UFO brake upgrade to my '91 200 working with
Anderson Motorsport using a 7075 aluminum caliper bracket we fabricated,
the larger 323 mm A8 rotor and Porsche 996 monoblock calipers. We used
stock UFO hubs which we turned down and made new hub-centric rings for
the rotors since the ones on the original hub are too shallow for the
larger A8's. Need to replace the bearings when you take off the hubs on
these cars - but probably not a bad idea on high mileage cars anyway -
at 115k miles mine were showing signs of heat stress (only 2 minor track
day history for this car).   The car performed above expectations at
Road America, going deeper into turns before braking at 110 to 115 mph
in three turns per lap than I thought was possible time after time.  My
instructor kept saying - this is a racing machine - you have the
equipment - we just have to fine tune the brain. The only problem I had
with the brakes is that I used Pagid orange R S 4-4 brake pads - very
hard.  Dispite my 2 days of trying to heat cycle the breaks before RA I
could not get them hot enough to begin to break in and they do
squeeeeeelllll - but they also do stop, repeatedly.  They didn't get hot
enough until my second session out at RA to begin to cure and weren't
totally bedded until the 2nd session on the second day.  This set up
just doesn't get very hot very quickly at the 60's to low 70's
temperatures at RA last week. This is a great brake upgrade!  I was not
able to push them hard enough in two days to notice any fade and very
little wear on the Padid's and almost no wear on the A8 rotors that I
also had slotted.  I will supply more info. - like prices etc. soon when
I next talk more with Keith Anderson - I think prices will be
substantially lower than than any alternatives I've seen using UFO
struts and hubs.  This brake should fit under almost all '17 wheels - I
have 17' AEZ Bimo's and we tried a Borbet S and there was even more
clearance.  The ony 16" wheel we had available to test was a Ronal LV
and it barely fit, but didn't hit - I would use an 1/8" or larger
spacer, think there was enough clearance on top.   This system will also
be reversible, just need a smaller hub centeric ring for the newly
turned UFO hubs and we can be back to stock.  Sorry for the late update
- we barely got this finished for RA and I just had major lumbar back
surgery on Friday (successful according to the surgeon - can already
walk better, but waiting for pain to subside) and just got back home -
my time is up for sitting - back to bed.

Steve Crosbie

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