[200q20v] UFO brake upgrade

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at uslink.net
Tue Oct 3 01:24:10 EDT 2000

Rick Houck wrote:

> Steve,
> I'm interested in what you went through on the hub adapter, since I am
> working on using my UFO hubs on my coupe project. I want the A8 rotors and
> will make my own bracket. Do you have a source of spacers? I would rather
> buy if possible.
> Thanks,
> RIck HOuck
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> Subject: [200q20v] UFO brake upgrade
> > Fellow UFO watchers,
> >   I just finished adding a UFO brake upgrade to my '91 200 working with
> > Anderson Motorsport using a 7075 aluminum caliper bracket we fabricated,
> > the larger 323 mm A8 rotor and Porsche 996 monoblock calipers. We used
> > stock UFO hubs which we turned down and made new hub-centric rings for
> > the rotors since the ones on the original hub are too shallow for the
> > larger A8's.

    First of all I want to make sure you are aware that this is not the
original stock A8 rotor, but a newer larger 30mm x 323mm rotor (slightly
larger than the '00 S4 rotor) - I wanted something that would consistently
stop our slightly weight conscious (but beautiful) vehicles.  We just gave the
UFO hub and A8 rotor to a local machinist who does lots of work for Anderson
and he took off the outer diameter of the hub to fit inside the stock rotor -
it ended up being just slightly wider (by eyeballing) than the stock ur S-4
hub.  [By the way the S-4 hub would fit the UFO upright according to Keith,
but they are very expensive to buy - about $300 a pair cost to him - no good
source locally of anything used, then if you want to go retro to UFO - have to
do hub machining and make thinner hub centric rings]  Then the machinist cut
out the small ridge on the hub that makes the rotor (not the wheel)
hub-centric and machined a hardened aluminum ring with the same inner and
outer diameter of what he just cut out, but made it about 1/4" thicker
(taller), just tall enough so that it is flush with the rotor when attached to
the hub.  We just used an anti seize compound to hold it on in case we wanted
to remove it and make a thinner (shorter) one that would be flush with the UFO
rotor. I don't have the exact prices yet but I think that the hub work will be
the $10 - $15/hub range and the rings will be more in the $20/ea. range (more
machining steps).  Will know more when we get final machinists bill.  I'm
hoping the bracket price will be low enough to offset some of the hub expenses
- talked like it was possible.  Converting back to UFO brakes may be my
easiest and cheapest winter switch at this point - going back to the 15" BBS
wheels and all season Michelins.  Keith has some old aluminum OZ rings that
are the right inner and outer diameter, but are too tall - could be easily
ground down for a relatively cheap reverse retro-fit (weren't big enough for
the A8 hubs unfortunately.  Any competent machinist should be able to cut the
hubs, and most should be able to make the rings- don't have to be aluminum,
but one less thing to worry about rusting.  If you can't find a machinist to
do the work - I'm sure Anderson Motorsport could supply the rings;  he talked
about doing a possible hub swap if there is interest since he has at least 4
UFO uprights:
Keith Anderson c/o
Anderson Motorsport
7700 Quattro Drive
Chanhassen, MN. 55317
(952) 937-8639
I still need to get final prices and see if he wants to do a package price for
rotors, calipers, brackets, ss lines, pads, hubs, rings, etc.  O.K. break over
- back to bed.
Good Luck


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