[200q20v] Re: 200q H & R springs

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at uslink.net
Tue Oct 3 15:21:59 EDT 2000

    As per my message to Phil, I kind of rely on my wife to see if the car is
smooth enough as a daily driver, as we went from the stock very soft springs,
shocks (Booge) and large 205 x 60 x 15" tires - basically a boat suspension
to the H&Rs, Konis, and 235 x 45 x 17" tires.  It is much tighter, but not
what I would call harsh.  I have heard many listers say that the Koni yellows
are way harsh, but most have different springs, some stock.  This is worse
case scenario.  What I have picked up over the last year from the clatter is
that it is very important to pair up shocks and springs when making
comparisons.  I just talked to a local person who used Booge - Pro Gas? ( not
sure of model) with the same H&R's, #29800 and he claimed very harsh ride
over bumps.  On a smooth road with some structure, but not many potholes etc.
my set up is very smooth.  I do however feel the connecting strips, patches,
small bumps and hanhole covers, a noticeable increase over my stock setup,
but I have never felt what you described as hitting the bumping stops, or
bottoming out.  These springs have a variable compression as I understand it,
softer at first and harder as more force or weight is added.  I think that
what I feel over rough pavement changes is more a factor of a lower profile
tire giving more road surface feedback.  You have to be the final judge of
what is harsh.  Any suspension change is always a compromise and I am happy
with a very good, not perfect track car that is tame enough to keep the boss
(wife) happy as a daily driver, but not the former smooth soft touring car it
was.  Also with the Konis you can always change the rebound response, to a
limit.  I'm told that at total soft they are softer than the Koni reds. Yes
give Keith a call :
Keith Anderson c/o
Anderson Motorsport
7700 Quattro Drive
Chanhassen, MN. 55317
(952) 937-8639
Thanks, I'm slowly cutting down on my pain relief arsenal, so things must be
improving.  Good luck.

"Beer, Jerry" wrote:

> Steve
>  I had just talked to Phil Ackley on this very subject. I want to replace
> the front springs to go with yellow Koni 2149(short shock). I do track my
> car, but are the H & R's smooth enough for a daily driver? My present
> problem is a crashing of the front end over sharp changes in pavement. It
> feels like the shock is hitting the bump stops and I can feel the rumble
> strips when I change lanes. I can even feel manhole covers that are not
> perfectly flush.  The front shocks were just replaced under warranty, so
> they should be good. I'm thinking my shocks and springs are mismatched.
> Should I talk to Keith?? TIA for the help.  Hope your feeling better.
> Regards,
> Jerry
> 91 200q

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