[200q20v] Fuel Injectors and Oxy Sensor

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Thu Oct 5 11:00:01 EDT 2000

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<< Has anyone ever replaced the fuel injectors themselves ? Even after
unbolting the fuel rail from the intake manifold and taking off the fuel
lines, the fuel injectors just do not want to come out. What gives ? Any
tricks that I should know.

Also, has anyone wired in the universal Oxygen sensor, bosch 13913, into
the the original harness. If so, what connectors are used and which goes

Thanks !!!!
No btdt for injectors; think they just press in, and are retained by o-rings.  The o-rings are old, probably stiff.

O2 sensor:  just splice the wires; one black, two white I think.  Butt-splice connectors, red, work well.  Stagger the splices and the heat protective outer casing will slip over the splices.

hth, chris miller, windham nh, c1j1miller at aol.com

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