[200q20v] Fuel Injectors and Oxy Sensor

Brandon Hull brandon at cardinalventures.com
Thu Oct 5 11:10:52 EDT 2000

I have replaced all my injector seals, although like everything else I've
done on the engine, it was in the warmth and comfort of my basement with the
engine sitting before me well lighted on a stand.  However, my recollection
is that the injectors were really stubborn, and took a lot of tugging to
remove.  The o-rings were pretty stiff, though not hard, and had adhered to
the sides of their seat pretty well.  I also recall that the Bosch rebuild
kits were sort of generic, and you wound up using only a few of the o-rings
in the bag.  It'd be much cheaper to simply buy 5 (or 10, do they each take
2? Jeez I can't remember)of the rings.  

BH eS2

> << Has anyone ever replaced the fuel injectors themselves ? Even after
> unbolting the fuel rail from the intake manifold and taking 
> off the fuel
> lines, the fuel injectors just do not want to come out. What 
> gives ? Any
> tricks that I should know.

> No btdt for injectors; think they just press in, and are 
> retained by o-rings.  The o-rings are old, probably stiff.


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