[200q20v] Intermittent clutch

Steve Crosbie scrosbie at uslink.net
Thu Oct 5 22:00:37 EDT 2000

    At last run at Road America as I was stopping quickly for a waving
yellow flag on the last run just after an S4 ran off the track (first
non BMW I was aware of that left the track) I put in the clutch, but
didn't shift out of 4 th for quite a while while we passed the off road
car.  I then put the car in 3rd (clutch still in I think) and I did not
appear to have any or very little clutch as I let it out.  We were very
close to the pit lane so I gave the car very little gas and slowing
limped in.  There appeared to be full clutch when I stopped and we
proceeded to leave the pits.  This was the last lap (1/2 lap) and it
appeared that at the last curve the clutch was again not fully letting
out.  I let the car cool after slow laps and it appeared to smell
slightly like a something was burned.  The car drove home normally (6
hours) and now 10 days later not a hint of clutch or tranny problems -
although I have been very easy on it since.  Any BTDT on something like
this - can the slave cylinder stick intermittently?  Worse when hot?
Any insights will be appreciated.
'91 200

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