[200q20v] Long hot start

Neil Swanson 75377.3445 at compuserve.com
Mon Oct 9 19:26:02 EDT 2000

Hey guys

Yesterday while doing errands I finally decided I needed to ask the lists
about the hot start problem I have.   My 91 200 has been cranking a long
time on hot starts for many months now.  Yesterdays errands made the
problem a little more meaningful as I got married yesterday and if I'd had
to make THAT call the morning of the event........., hmmm today could have
been my funeral.

So the car has a perfect cold start.  From this I assume I have plenty of
fuel ready to run the car when I need to.   Fuel pressure would I assume
fall overnight.

If I get the car warm and restart within 15 mins then it starts fine.  It
is when the car sits longer that the problem is there.

The start sequence is this.  Crank the car for a long time and no start. 
Stop cranking, wait 5 secs and crank again. Stop cranking and on the third
try, always the third try it fires right up.  At this point the car runs

Sometimes the check engine light come on, I get  TPS code. The TPS is new
and I think I get the code because I step on the gas while trying to get
the car started. 

All  tune up parts are near new but it did this before changing them
anyway.   The dist gets a little oil in it over time and again cold starts
are fine so I don't think that is the problem.  With cold starts being
perfect I don't think it is a lose of fuel pressure as the car sits

If this were an S4/6 I'd say I have a cam position sensor going away.  This
is a perfect case of that in an S-car.  Although in the S-car waiting for
the car to cool in needed.  I don't have to wait, I have to crank, three

Hall sensor in the dist fading?  No codes for that but who knows.  Any
ideas out there? 


Neil Swanson

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