[200q20v] Two chronic problems dealt with...

Sylvester, Mike Mike.Sylvester at sycamorenet.com
Tue Oct 10 13:58:35 EDT 2000

The Parts Connection has the fabric covered vacuum hose in bulk.

I replaced the hose with copper tubing.  It will have to get pretty hot for
that to melt.

Mike Sylvester
91 200q20V Avant

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I replaced the turbo bypass valve this weekend with the 993 part which I got
from Mac at Clair for $30, including shipping. Pleasant guy to deal with. If
you want to order OEM on this, the Bosch part number is 0 280 142 108. It is
black plastic, and looks the same as the original part (0 280 142 106).
Maybe the spring tension is different...whatever, my stumbling/stalling
problem is fixed. I used conventional 5/32 rubber vacuum hose to replace the
old fabric covered stuff, but found myself worrying about all the heat in
the area. I will keep my eyes open for a generic source of fabric covered
hose, FLAPS around here do not seem to stock it.  On the bypass valve
itself, has anyone actually found a metal bodied valve replacement?

I also had the drivers door lock fail awhile back, I  had this happen on my
old 1990 200 so I knew the moment the key went to the right without
resistance what was going on.  I bought the fix kit and then opened up the
door on Saturday. Whoa-it already had the stamped steel arm, instead of pot
metal, but the little nylon clip that goes into the arm had failed, allowing
the rod to drop out. Local dealer b.o'd on the clip, so I ordered one ($1.65
-cheapest Audi fix yet) and meanwhile jury-rigged an attachment with some
stainless steel seizing wire. 

I am really getting good at dismantling the door-can't wait for what is
next- window regulator? Broken wires? 

Thanks to all, and especially Chris,

Tom F.
91 200q20V Avant

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