[200q20v] Miscellaneous Questions from a "new guy"

Richard E. Berlin rberlin at feltonberlin.com
Wed Oct 11 14:13:59 EDT 2000

This website is a Godsend!
I just bought my new wife's old '91 200q20v Avant, (I got her
an A6 Avant--she's thrilled). The car is one owner with 88k,
and all original--no wrecks, no rust, and only Dent Doctor
type dings. Mica blue and gray leather inside. This car is
sublime, and I thus have my new project!!

Everything appears to work just fine. Boost gauge reaches 1.7,
brakes and timing chain , all fluids and brakes were done in
the low 70's. And now for the future..............

I live north of Boston and have found a guru Audi mechanic
(but haven't yet had my initial consultation). At present I
need you veterans to help me with suggestions to make my new
love drive, accelerate, handle and breathe better.

The first item for study are:  wheels/ tires/ shocks/ springs.
I have two sets of BBS spider wheels, each with well worn
215/60 summer and winter tires.
	1: Please recommend your favorite make and size of
performance summer and winter tires.
	2: I love the original rims. Will they continue to suffice
for spirited street and highway driving?
	3:Should I upgrade oil and air filters?? Which brand??
	4:Are the stock springs ok?? Please recommend the front and
rear shocks of choice for you, the 200      	   cognoscenti.
	5:Synthetic lubricants?? Summer and winter weights would be
	6:When replacing shocks, are there other mounts, bushings,
etc. that should be replaced?
	7: Are there any notorious items that are often overlooked
that I should address at this time? Yup, I know this is a
catch all question, but if each of you reading this could pick
one "ounce of prevention........" item, I would be
entirely grateful.

Thank you all for your patience with a neophyte. I can only
promise that as I gain Audi insight I will promise to share it
with others.

Richard E. Berlin, Jr.

Mail to:<rberlin at feltonberlin.com>
           (800) 215-9980
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