[200q20v] Miscellaneous Questions from a "new guy"

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Wed Oct 11 12:40:09 EDT 2000

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From: "Richard E. Berlin" <rberlin at feltonberlin.com>

: This car is sublime, and I thus have my new project!!

Congratulations amd welcome to the list.

: The first item for study are:  wheels/ tires/ shocks/ springs.
: I have two sets of BBS spider wheels, each with well worn
: 215/60 summer and winter tires.
: 1: Please recommend your favorite make and size of
: performance summer and winter tires.

I'm using BFG Comp TA VR4 225/60/15 - yes, they will fit nicely if you don't
have the wrinkles in the rear wheel well liner at 11oclock. For winter I
have BFG winter slaloms (with studs) in 205/60/15

: 2: I love the original rims. Will they continue to suffice
: for spirited street and highway driving?

I guess it depends on personal preference and maybe how "spirited"

: 3:Should I upgrade oil and air filters?? Which brand??

I use the Audi ones or the Bosch oil filters and I have a K&N.

: 4:Are the stock springs ok?? Please recommend the front and
: rear shocks of choice for you, the 200         cognoscenti.

I just installed Bilsteins (HD) and kept the stock springs. I do too much
gravel road driving to be sprung really stiff.

: 5:Synthetic lubricants?? Summer and winter weights would be
: helpful.

I'm in Montana and I use Mobil 1 15w50 year round. I see no need to change
weights in the winter as it flows down to better than -50F

: 6:When replacing shocks, are there other mounts, bushings,
: etc. that should be replaced?

I'll let others answer here.

: 7: Are there any notorious items that are often overlooked
: that I should address at this time? Yup, I know this is a
: catch all question, but if each of you reading this could pick
: one "ounce of prevention........" item, I would be
: entirely grateful.
: Thank you all for your patience with a neophyte. I can only
: promise that as I gain Audi insight I will promise to share it
: with others.

I'll let others answer here.

mike miller

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