[200q20v] Coolant Warning question

Mike Miller mikemilr at blackfoot.net
Fri Oct 13 13:13:39 EDT 2000

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From: "Chi L. Wong" <montesawong at yahoo.com>

: The coolant warning on my dash lights up and beeps as
: soon as I turn the ignition and start cranking and
: stays on for the duration of my trip beeping at some
: interval.
: Can anyone tell me which sensor is more likely to
: fail?  the multifunction or the overflow tank?

Is this the warning in the trip computer window? If so, I am pretty sure
that is controlled only by the sensor in the overflow tank. That sensor is
not replaceable - you must buy a whole new tank, But as Chris said, it is
pretty sensitive to the level.

AS a side note, I tried running some of that orange anti freeze a couple yrs
ago in mine when I lost my upper rad hose (I also drained and flushed the
system first ). The whole time I had that non Audi antifreeze I got
intermittent and then constant coolant alarms. They went away immediately
when I changed back to Audi antifreeze. BTW, I just replaced my overflow
tank - cost was in the low $40 range from local dealer in Missoula.  Don't
know what Linda would want. Easy install. 3 screws and a couple hose clamps.

mike miller in Montana - It's Quattro weather - snow on the ground!

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