[200q20v] Swap seat bottoms

Sylvester, Mike Mike.Sylvester at sycamorenet.com
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Sport or Comfort?

The center section of the sport seat would be easy.  The lateral supports
not so easy.
Comfort seats, as Chris said you could change the leather from one to the
other.  The whole seat bottom would be tough.

Mike Sylvester

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<< Has anyone ever swapped the bottoms of the front seats?  As in most
the drivers seat bottom is wore much more than
the passenger side.  Would be nice to make a swap.  Wondering if it is 
possible without a bunch of modification, i.e. seat warmers,
power controls, etc...


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My initial thoughts are that swapping the whole bottom piece side to side 
wouldn't work easily; however, I'd bet you could undo the leather portion 
only, and swap that, with little difficulty.  Most audi seats are held 
together with 'hawg rings'.
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