[200q20v] Parts list for SS/Teflon brake line hose assemblies.

Bernie Benz b.m.benz at prodigy.net
Fri Oct 13 15:09:27 EDT 2000

When converting Audi 90Q-20V front brakes to the G60 calipers you will find
that the stock hose system is too short for this new caliper.  These, or any
other Audi or VW brake hose assemblies can be replaced with a superior
braided SS/Teflon hose system, using the following Aeroquip parts, for less
than the cost of replacement stock hoses.  In this replacement you have two
hose end fitting options:
1. Factory crimped hose ends, cheaper and no hose cutting or assembly, but
takes 2-3 weeks.
2. Reuseable stocked hose ends which you assemble yourself, but requires
buying cut-to-length or cut-yourself hoses, no problem, follow AER inst.

For one Audi 90 front axle, left and right sides:

1ea. FCM2941 pkg.of two 10x1mm Caliper Adapters        $12.39/pkg.
1ea. FCM2945 pkg.of two 10x1mm Body Adapters            23.39/pkg.
2ea. FBPA0300-24" factory built hose assy.              15.69/ea.

    Total cost per front axle, left and right sides:                $67.16

For the do-it-yourself hose assys:

4ea. FCM1100 straight hose end.                         $5.95/ea.
2ea. 2807-3 SS/Teflon bulk hose, cut to 24" length.      5.44/ft.

    Total cost per front axle, left and right sides:                $81.34

Best prices (above) are from Aeroquip Performance Products Distributers, (I
used Summit Racing Equipment <www.summitracing.com> 800-230-3030) excepting
if you use the 2807-3 bulk hose, best price for this item only is from
Aeroquip Industrial Products distribution, w/no cutting charge(ask). (Find
them in the Yellow pages under Hose Couplings and Fittings.)

This single hose replaces the Audi 90 stock two hose and interconnecting
steel tube abomination.  As such, it must be anchored to the rear surface of
the strut tube with a nylon tie wrap.

Disclaimer:  Inasmuch as neither of these superior hose assemblies are DOT
approved, they can only be recommended for off road use.  Discression is
thus advised.

Will the keeper of the 20V web site please add this info to the Stainless
Steel brake lines part of the G60 upgrade section?  Thank you.

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