[200q20v] Rear Caliper sticking?

-J J- fussball_3 at hotmail.com
Sat Oct 14 05:50:55 EDT 2000

hey all,
i have a bit of a problem. It seems that my left rear brake caliper is 
sticking, or something is wrong with it.
When I got home today, I walked past the wheel, and I felt a bunch of heat 
coming out.. I thought I might have been stupid and driven with the parking 
brake on (though I figured I would notice the brake light on..)  so  I 
dismissed it as driver error. I drove it later this evening, and when i got 
out, it was hot again!
Any ideas on what is wrong? BTW, the dealer did some minor adjustments on 
the parking brake recently, and also replaced the bomb. Anything they might 
have done wrong? I don't suspect this though, because this was two ro three 
weeks ago.

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