[200q20v] Suspension- again

-J J- fussball_3 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 15 18:49:48 EDT 2000

Hey all,
  I have been doing some research for suspension upgrades for a while and I 
think I am going to go with bilstein shocks and stock springs for now. I 
want to maintain the current ride height, since i do a lot of driving in the 
snow in the winter, but i also want better handling, and i think bilsteins 
seem to be the most liked. The question i have is whether I need HDs or 
Sports shocks. All of the emails in the archives confused me.. I think that 
HDs are for stock springs and Sports are for lowered cars. Is this correct? 
Also, if and when i do replace the shocks should i replace the bushings too? 
What else? Sorry I am repeating so many of the questions that were already 
asked on this list, but I am very confused.

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