[200q20v] Suspension- again

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Sun Oct 15 15:00:32 EDT 2000

I'm still a little confused by the subject myself.  If you had, say, a
'91 100q and you wanted to use Bilsteins, it's pretty obvious that you'd
get the same Bilstein HDs in question.  However, our 200qs are lowered a
certain amount (I forgot which) from the factory compared to the 100q
and/or any other previous Type 44 tq.  But the list consensus seems to be
that this doesn't "count" and that you should get the HDs anyway, despite
the factory lowering.  

Is anyone using the Sports on a non-lowered 200q20v?

'91 2cq

On Sun, 15 Oct 2000, -J J- wrote:

> Hey all,
>   I have been doing some research for suspension upgrades for a while and I 
> think I am going to go with bilstein shocks and stock springs for now. I 
> want to maintain the current ride height, since i do a lot of driving in the 
> snow in the winter, but i also want better handling, and i think bilsteins 
> seem to be the most liked. The question i have is whether I need HDs or 
> Sports shocks. All of the emails in the archives confused me.. I think that 
> HDs are for stock springs and Sports are for lowered cars. Is this correct? 
> Also, if and when i do replace the shocks should i replace the bushings too? 
> What else? Sorry I am repeating so many of the questions that were already 
> asked on this list, but I am very confused.
>                  thanks,
>                         John
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