[200q20v] Leaking hydraulics; not a hose or the rack.

Paul Waterloo pwaterloo at compuserve.com
Mon Oct 16 19:16:18 EDT 2000

Sounds like you might have one of the screws letting loose, that's where
they leak from....if that's the case, buy a new pump from Blau....they
usually have the one for the 200q in stock and it comes with a 3? year
warranty from the OEM that rebuilds them....who makes those things

To replace it, it's not that hard. Need three long 3/8" extensions for the
13mm socket to get the nuts that hold the hoses on the back of the pump (go
in from under the intake manifold), unbolt the whole thing after removing
the belt, get something to hold the hoses up in the air....get new banjo
bolts and gaskets (which come with them). Once you do it once, you'll be
able to do it in about 1 to 1.5 hours! It's not that hard....

Paul (tried to rebuild them before - they don't last long!)

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Subject: [200q20v] Leaking hydraulics; not a hose or the rack.

>Does anyone know how to troubleshoot a hydraulic leak that's
>not due to a hose or it's connections?  Mine started dripping
>~ a month ago. I replaced the return line to the reservoir (it'd
>been leaking veeery slowly for years, but never enough to drip) a
>week ago so now both it and the high pressure line are looking
>clean and sound, but the leak that started ~ a month ago continues.
>' seems to be coming from up high around the pump (maybe underneath
>it) but I haven't been able to see the source.  The three hose
>connections on top look fine.
>Does anyone know where the likely source is?
>What's the replacement effort like?  ' looks not simple to me.
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