[200q20v] 5) Audi A6 OEM, 17" Wheels BMW, Mercedes, VW

Sylvester, Mike Mike.Sylvester at sycamorenet.com
Tue Oct 17 11:58:16 EDT 2000

Yes, I knew that you were using them.  That is why I priced them with Mac.
Our price on the center caps is $27.54.

Prior to sending the e-mail to the list, I had sent an e-mail to the seller
stating the actual retail cost of the wheels.  He has since sent me a
message saying that he was closing the auction.  He also mentioned that he
would sell them for $125 each.


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Beware of this auction.  The seller claims that these wheels retail for $625
each.  They in fact retail for $300 each and can be bought from Mac @ Clair
for $255.

Mike Sylvester

'91 200q20v avant
'01 A6 2.7t
'94 100q

Mike:  those are the wheels I use... looked at the auction, and it says it
closed.  His picture didn't include center caps; wanna bet they're $40 each?

or so?
They're nice wheels; a little heavy, but solid, and easy to clean.

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