[200q20v] Boost limited to 1.3 bar after 993 TBV?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Tue Oct 17 21:08:47 EDT 2000

AFAIR, the valve will "install" in two non-equivalent ways. On the oem
valve the correct operation will be when the vac hose nipple points out
toward the front of the car. The valve can also be rotated 90 degrees and
connected so the vac hose points up, but that would be wrong. Not sure what
the symptom would be, but I suppose loss of boost pressure is a reasonable
possibility. I believe SJMockry  presents some TBV details  on his website.


>I just installed (about an hour ago) the 993 TBV in my 200q20v.  Go for a
>test drive and I am very pleased with the results (no more "bucking" with a
>cold engine, no more "bucking" when decelerating, and a normal "whoosh" type
>sound).  However, one thing almost makes me wanna go back to my normal (and
>broken) TBV, I get 1.3 bar boost where I would get 1.7 and 1.8 boost
>The last three part numbers (bosche) on the 993 valve is "108" where the
>Audi valve is "106".  Is there an incorrect way to install the 993 valve?  I
>am pretty sure that I got 1.7 bar yesterday, and seemed to lose that when I
>put on the 993 valve.  Sorry for bringing up this issue again, but I don't
>know where it could go wrong.
>Thanks a lot,
>Joseph Vanzeipel
>1991 200q (105k)
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