[200q20v] Rear Caliper sticking?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Oct 18 09:47:24 EDT 2000

You're right that the rear caliper hangs up under my scenario regardless of 
how the piston is moved against the brake pad, Phil.  That was my personal 
experience:  The rear calipers dragged from use with just the pedal.   I've 
never had an elderly car with a cable brake that didn't have problems with 
the cable brake, so I've just gotten used (in nearly 50 years of driving) 
to not applying the emergency brake.  Folks who experience dragging only 
after using the emergency brake must have a problem in the cable system if 
the cable lever on the caliper is free.

At 11:05 PM 10/17/2000 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:

>Good job, Kneale. That's the first detailed description of the ebrake
>mechanism that I've read. I can *almost* visualize it, but wish you had
>some pictures to illiustrate. Nevertheless your bottomline conclusion does
>make sense; except isn't it true that you're describing a mode of caliper
>failure (piston/cylinder corrosion) that is independent of the e-brake?
>That is, it will occur under normal pedal application, right?
>But if I've got a sticking rear brake that I am able to free-upwhenever I
>manually push back the lever back to its stop, my problem must lie
>elsewhere (brake-cable sticking or perhaps loss of that internal grease?)

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