[200q20v] Rear Caliper sticking?

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 18 13:08:10 EDT 2000

You know, after my accident a few years ago, which totalled my '91 200q in
a rollover (on slick pavement), one of the suggested scenarios was that I
was the victim of a locked-up rear brake. I have always thought a rear
brake "drag" problem as arising only from malfunctioning e-brake
components, but it's scarey to realize that it can happen suddenly even if
the e-brake use has been rigorously avoided.


At 8:47 AM -0400 10/18/00, Kneale Brownson wrote:
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>You're right that the rear caliper hangs up under my scenario regardless of
>how the piston is moved against the brake pad, Phil.  That was my personal
>experience:  The rear calipers dragged from use with just the pedal.   I've
>never had an elderly car with a cable brake that didn't have problems with
>the cable brake, so I've just gotten used (in nearly 50 years of driving)
>to not applying the emergency brake.  Folks who experience dragging only
>after using the emergency brake must have a problem in the cable system if
>the cable lever on the caliper is free.
>At 11:05 PM 10/17/2000 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:
>>Good job, Kneale. That's the first detailed description of the ebrake
>>mechanism that I've read. I can *almost* visualize it, but wish you had
>>some pictures to illiustrate. Nevertheless your bottomline conclusion does
>>make sense; except isn't it true that you're describing a mode of caliper
>>failure (piston/cylinder corrosion) that is independent of the e-brake?
>>That is, it will occur under normal pedal application, right?
>>But if I've got a sticking rear brake that I am able to free-upwhenever I
>>manually push back the lever back to its stop, my problem must lie
>>elsewhere (brake-cable sticking or perhaps loss of that internal grease?)

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