[200q20v] Rear Caliper sticking?

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Wed Oct 18 13:34:32 EDT 2000

That IS scary.  My dragging experience was that it occurred if I was in 
extended stop-and-go traffic (I got so I "felt" for it while approaching 
stops), but if I was open-roading on a highway, with little or no brake 
use, the dragging was minimal (I'd pull into a rest area and find that the 
rear wheels were as cool or cooler than the fronts).  Maybe there was 
enough vibration and road bounce at speed to let the piston respond to the 
pressure from its spring.

At 12:08 PM 10/18/2000 -0400, Phil Rose wrote:

>You know, after my accident a few years ago, which totalled my '91 200q in
>a rollover (on slick pavement), one of the suggested scenarios was that I
>was the victim of a locked-up rear brake. I have always thought a rear
>brake "drag" problem as arising only from malfunctioning e-brake
>components, but it's scarey to realize that it can happen suddenly even if
>the e-brake use has been rigorously avoided.

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