[200q20v] Speedo Question

Mike & Tanya Atkisson matkisson at yahoo.com
Wed Oct 18 20:40:13 EDT 2000

Thanks for the info.........I was already guessing that was going to be the

Since I am currently living in Germany, I doubt that I can get Orin to come
over and help.
Also, I am currently without a Bentley, so I plan on using info off of the

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> Need to do the repair on this one. The smacking the dash method will only
> make the problem worse over time. BTDT.
> This repair really only sounds bad, with the Bentley and an afternoon you
> can have you buddy Orin come over and solder it up... oh wait, that's my
> method. Nevermind.
> Pete
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> Subject: [200q20v] Speedo Question
> >My car has the bouncing speedo problem, but only every now and then.  If
> >hit the top of the dash while it is bouncing it usually goes back to
> normal.
> >Are these the symptoms that require the soldering repair or is it
> >else??
> >Mike
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