[200q20v] Air Bag.

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Thu Oct 19 11:46:57 EDT 2000

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<< HELP!

I stooped by an Audi Dealer yesterday to have my airbag codes pulled and
hopefully reset.  A mechanic gladly stopped what he was doing and grabbed a
VAG 1551 and hooked it up to the blue black and tan plugs above my clutch
pedal.  He looked perplexed that he could not talk to the airbag control
unit.  My car was not part of the recall,  (my vin was later than the recall
range for the 200).  

That's not my understanding for the recall.  Even later model year cars were 
affected; your car should have had the controller replaced, etc.  Perhaps it 
was completed prior to your purchase?

My question is I know there is a white connector behind
the center console cover next to my right knee, is this the connector to the
airbag control mod?  Has any of you had the airbag recall done and then
watched someone read out the codes?

Thanks in advance

Brian Link>>

I think that connector is where codes should be read, yes.

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