[200q20v] RE: steering wheel fix

Brian.Link at Level3.com Brian.Link at Level3.com
Thu Oct 19 11:20:02 EDT 2000

I sent this out to a few of you in various forms but here is my fix for the
loose steering wheel center section.

First try to tighten the bolts that hold the center part on.  They are t30
torx head cap screws on the back of the steering wheel.

Mine were good and tight so I had to take it apart.  Loosen up the bolts
(undo the red electrical connector under the plastic cover first) then move
the airbag part out of the way  (It still is attached by one wire).  
Next remove the (4) t30 torx bolts that support the center portion, they
support the center section and offset it with four springs which have to
support all the weight of the center section. I replaced the springs with
stiffer ones, but you could just stretch out the existing ones to make them
stiffer.  I also added a washer to both the bolts that hold the airbag part
into the wheel, I thought the two Torx cap screws were bottoming out before
snugging the center section down.  Reconnect the red airbag connector before
the test drive.   

I have a pretty firm suspension set-up (bilstiens sports and Eibach springs)
so the loose center part really bugged me over bumps, It felt as my
suspension was sloppy.  Maybe with stock suspension the steering wheel
doesn't clunk over bumps.

Brian Link

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