AW: [200q20v] Antenna splice for new radio?

Peer Oliver Schmidt posde at
Thu Oct 19 23:33:34 EDT 2000

Just make sure you still give power to roof antenna. Otherwise your
reception WILL be lousy.

<< I just dropped a new/improved receiver into my '91200q20v
Avant (88k)
There is only one antenna input on the new piece. Are any of
you aware of a splice kit or fix that will allow me to use
both windshield and roof antennas to improve reception??

Many thanks,

Richard E. Berlin, Jr.

Mail to:<rberlin at>
>is present) and just uses the roof antenna.  I'd just stick with that
>(assuming it is still functional), as the new radio doesn't have the
>necessary dual diversity circuitry to pick signals with.

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