[200q20v] NEQ Fun Run DETAILS! -THIS SUNDAY-

Brett Dikeman quattro at pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net
Fri Oct 20 13:29:19 EDT 2000

Okay, here's the itinerary.  The result of some very serious studying 
of the NY/CT/MA corner at the last minute :-)  Be aware that Greg 
hasn't returned the last couple of phone calls, and I don't want to 
just "show up" without confirming with him, so we may simply meet at 
the clock museum, or maybe a diner for breakfast.  Stay tuned, more 
at 11.

PLEASE RSVP -IMMEDIATELY- via email(brett at iclick.com) if you plan on 
coming or at least if you're thinking about it(though make sure you 
say so if that's the case.)  I need this to gauge turnout for 
materials, grouping(ie, one group or multiple smaller groups of 
cars), and warning the various stops along the way that we're coming 
:-)  If your schedule is busy, ask if you can join in at a particular 
stop.  If you need to split off and jet to something else early, hey, 
that's cool too.

If you're coming, please try to be on time(or meet us at the later 
stop that's also much more to the east); bring warm clothing(windows 
down in the fall is just so much fun :-), a talkabout radio if you 
want; try to arrive with as much gas in your tank as 
possible(stopping a dozen cars at a gas station is next to 
impossible, and this route is 220 miles!)  Bring enough money for 
food(estimates are below in the itinerary, prices I assume do not 
include tax/tip) and admission to the museum.  Co-pilots and 
carpooling welcome.  $5 donation to the make-a-wish foundation is 
suggested for participation.

If someone would forward this to the V8q/20v/S-car(and other) lists, 
that would be appreciated.  I don't belong, and hence can't post to 
them; wouldn't want them to miss out.

And to answer one question: YES, it's open to list members, you do 
NOT have to be a club member to participate.


Start of itinerary

9am, AutoFirme, Amenia, NY
Meet Greg Haymann, experienced quattro mechanic and rally driver, 
possibly even get a quick tour of his humble shop, a former car 
dealership(ask him about the two cars in the display area, there's a 
story.)  Greg's shop is located less than a mile or two from the 
intersection of 343 and 44(if you're coming up 44 from the south, 
take a right onto 343 and look for Greg's shop on the left; there's a 
medium-sized sign out front, usually a couple q's around, and it 
looks like a small dealership, sort of...because it was at one time 

Shmooze, say hi to Greg, try and convince him to come along, and wait 
about 30 minutes for the late folks(hint, don't be late :-)

9:30->10:30, drive to the American Clock and Watch museum.  Hopefully 
arrive in time to hear all the clocks go off at the same time, which 
I'm told is very impressive.  Shmoze a little more(45 min ish; got to 
hear the clocks all go off at once on the hour!) and hop back on the 

11:15->1:15pm, flip around, retrace our steps somewhat, but shoot 
north-west-ish to the Red Barn Lunchette for a late lunch around 
1:15-1:30.  Shmooze even more!  At least an hour, right? :-)

2-2:30->3pm, shoot waaay up north to gawk at the natural rock 
formation in North Adams, MA.  Gee whiz, I wonder how that happened. 
Hey, no, don't drive across that!  Anyway, it's supposed to be nifty 

4pm->4:45pm, head back down to scenic Lenox, MA(well, actually, we're 
stopping in a resteraunt in Pittsfield, but Lenox is right nearby), 
home of Tanglewood, for dinner at the South Mountain Grille.

Total mileage will be about 200-220 miles, and total driving time 
will be about 5.5 hours.

If you would like to meet up with us later, you are welcome to do so 
at the ACWM at 10:30.

I strongly recommend eating a big breakfast and/or bringing a 
mid-morning snack along for the stop at the watch museum, it'll be a 
2 hour drive up to the lunch spot.

I will have a couple copies of the inventory, which includes a whole 
slew of maps and a description(and phone numbers) for the stops, at 
the event.  A quick summary, from the AAA guide, on our various stops:

American Clock+Watch Museum in Bristol CT, features 3,000 clocks, 
some dating back to the 1590's, and includes grandfather, shelf, 
novelty, and church-tower clocks; also includes a 1825 clock shop 
area, victorian clock store, and a sundial garden.  Admission, $3.50

Red Barn Luncheonette, in Ghent, NY
"an old fashioned atmosphere lends to the quaint, homespun charm of 
the converted barn."  Features "lighter fare" and homemade ice cream. 
Lunch is from $3 to $7.

South Mountain Grille, in Pittsfield, MA(not quite Lenox, but it's 
pretty close, at least on the map.)  A "popular area restaurant" with 
a "casual and inviting" atmosphere.  Casual sdress; open 4pm-10pm, 
95% non-smoking, children's menu, salad bar, cocktails in the dining 
room, "semi-handicap-accessible."  AE, DS MC VI accepted.  Dinner 
from $12 to $21.

If I can remember where it is, there's a cool ice cream shop right 
off the main center of Lenox we could swing by before everyone jets 
home, but I suspect we'll all be wiped out :-)
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