[200q20v] last rear caliper q- where to ge one?

-J J- fussball_3 at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 22 18:50:47 EDT 2000

Hey all, again,

Now that i have determined that i need a new caliper, where should i get one 
from? I looked at prices at TPC, Blau, and i will call Mac @ Clair monday, 
but i also looked at autozone, and they have remanufactured calipers for a 
91 200q listed for $63, and also remanufactured rear calipers for 91 v8qs 
for $63. This is muc less than the $200 or so that blau is asking. This 
sounds great, but will it be the right caliper? Has anyone ordered parts for 
a 200q20v from somewhere like Autozone before? Hope someone can point me in 
the right direction. Sorry to keep asking questins, but i am rather 
uninformed about all o fthis stuff..

                          John Gronberg Jr.

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