[200q20v] Car Bucking Under Boost

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sun Oct 22 19:59:13 EDT 2000

Could be many things, including  bad fuel pump or filter. How old is  the
filter?  Are you still able to develop full boost? First of all make
certain you haven't developed a leak somewhere in or near the
throttle/intake manifold--e.g., loose hose clamp. Also chack for possible
split in the Michelin Man hose (IC to IM connection).


>In the past few days my car has started acting funny.  When I stepped on the
>gas to pass a line of cars, my car started bucking wildly.  When I let off
>the gas it went away, but when I stepped on it again, it was bucking.  If I
>accelerate gradually I can still go plenty fast, but I miss my acceleration.
>In watching the boost gauge in the computer I am still making boost when
>this occurs.  Could this be a fuel pump problem??  I had someone tell me
>that by the sound my fuel pump was making, it was going to go bad soon.  The
>first day I noticed this problem it went away after a couple of minutes.
>Today it seems to not be going away at all.
>Any idea where I should start checking??
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