[200q20v] power steering hose (rebuilding) question

Rob Winchell rbwinchell at yahoo.com
Mon Oct 23 14:16:36 EDT 2000

After fighting this myself, I was told by an "Audi
Master Mechanic" that the way to get at the bolt in
the rack end is with a LONG extension through the
passenger side wheel well.

Rob Winchell
91 200q20v

--- C1J1Miller at aol.com wrote:
> In a message dated Mon, 23 Oct 2000  3:31:05 PM
> Eastern Daylight Time, Phil 
> Rose <pjrose at frontiernet.net> writes:
> << Also, the first order of business is getting the
> Pentosin
> reservoir to move outa  da way. I need to figure out
> how to press on that
> fussy plastic tab at  the end tapered slider which
> seems to keep the
> reservoir from being pulled up.
> Phil
>  >>
> I seem to recall someone once saying it was easier
> to unbolt the whole 
> contraption from the firewall... but no btdt.  Might
> be a nice time to 
> replace the rack, if it needs it.
> chris
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