[200q20v] Squeaky leather

Kneale Brownson knotnook at traverse.com
Mon Oct 23 21:36:38 EDT 2000

I should have said talcum powder, but baby powder smells nicer.

At 01:37 PM 10/23/2000 -0600, steve_scalmanini at agilent.com wrote:

>This is a hilarious topic ... but the squeek bugs me too, I must
>admit. I got rid of mine, albeit only temporarily, as a consequence
>of keeping an oversize terrycloth towel over the passenger seat
>(both right seats, actually) on a daily basis (i.e. when commuting,
>when no one is in the passenger seat, and when parked at work). I use
>the towels to keep the sun off the leather to preserve it (along with
>a front window reflective screen from the dealer and rear window shade
>from a V8). The towel tucks between the passenber seat bolster and the
>driver seat arm rest.  ' terrycloth; no squeek when in place. ' always
>park at work facing SE so the sun never enters where it'll hit bare
>leather (or the dashboard or rear deck).
>' towels are oversized bath towels; JC Penney special order.  ' match
>the platinum leather almost perfectly.
>At this rate, my interior will last indefinitely (and I'll still be
>on this list in 2010 for mechanical issues!)
>Let us know what works.  The baby powder sounds interesting?
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