[200q20v] long cranking (starting)

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Tue Oct 24 16:11:02 EDT 2000

I think I may be having a similar issue, but the only symptom is that the
200q20v just takes a few cranks longer to start than it did say 9 months
ago.  It never fails to start, or smells like gas, or has bad gas mileage,
etc. but it seems to crank longer than before (4 or 5 cranks extra), and
especially longer than my old CQ which would always start after the first
or second crank under any circumstance.  I've had a complete tuneup
recently: cap, rotor, o2, plugs, wires, airfilter (no distributor though).

Anyone know what this could be?

'91 2cq

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