[200q20v] Update to Bucking Situation

Michael Atkisson matkisson at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 24 18:33:11 EDT 2000

   Thank you all for your suggestions.  I have not had
time to investigate yet, as I am working 12 hour night
shifts.  I do however have an update to my situation.
This afternoon when I left work to dive home the car
ran flawlessly.  Hit 1.9 Bar on the display jus tlike
it used to.  I kept waiting for the cut out, but it
never came.  This evening on my way to work it was the
same thing.  Ran smooth as ever.
   What should I look for now???  I am working my last
night shift now, and will be off for the next four
days.  I plan on working on the car during this break.

Some of the things mentioned were Turbo Bypass Valve,
Fuel Filter, MAF Sensor or Connector, MM Hose......

Would any of these be likely to show up

Thanks again for any help,

P.S.  Anyone know the cheapest source for Bilstein??  

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