[200q20v] Re: long starts fuel pump check valve

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 25 02:06:20 EDT 2000

The latest style fuel pumps (the skinny ones)  do not have an external
check valve (it's built-in, I guess). Since Chris' pump has been replaced
quite recently, he may well have gotten the newer style.


At 12:35 AM -0400 10/25/00, Bernard Littau wrote:
>The check valve is a separate item, and screws into the fuel pump.  Usually,
>the injectors are more likely to be a problem than the check valve or the
>Bernard Littau
>Woodinville, WA
>'88 5ktq
>> Would this get replaced with a new fuel pump?  The fuel pump was done
>> about 5-7K miles ago.
>> Chris
>> '91 2cq
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