[200q20v] power steering hose

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 25 11:43:04 EDT 2000

>Yesterday I changed the famous hose. About 2 hrs on and off to thread back
>the bolt, with the new hose.

OK Chewy, yer just tryin' to make me look stoopid, ain't ya?  :-(

But seriously (since I'm feeling seriously stupid), I would appreciate a
clue as to exactly how you managed to turn that bolt.  Kneale Brownson was
able to feed socket drive extensions in from the passenger side (behind the
engine) and turn the bolt. I've been trying that approach and been able to
get a socket up to the head of the banjo bolt, but those nearby fuel lines
have prevented the socket from lining up (even using a flex-joint). Kneale
says he dismantled the fuel-line bracket to slide the lines aside, so I'm
about to try that.

I was also able to get both box-end and  open-end wrenches directly onto
the bolt, but that fuel line interfered with ability to turn the box-end
wrench, whereas the brakeline (in front) gets in the way of using my
(pitifully short) open-end wrench. I'm thinking one of those curved
"obstruction" wrenches might get in there at a useful angle. Moving the
fuel line seems to be the critically necessary step in any approach. Too
bad it appears necessary to destroy the bracket in order to get it free
from the firewall.

Any hints you can give will be appreciated.  The new hose is supposed to
arrive today.


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