[200q20v] power steering hose

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Wed Oct 25 13:42:40 EDT 2000

>Phil:  I was suggesting "building your own" obstruction wrench, with
>provisions for a breaker bar to go over the end.  Most forged wrenches if
>heated up, could be bent (no BTDT, but that's pretty common for mechanics).

Yep, I gather that, but since the ready-made ones seem to be available, I
would spend a few bucks on a ready-made  before going the custom route. The
need for a cheater bar is not certain. Chi Wong says he was able to get an
ordinary open-end wrench to do the job, but he needed to "nudge the

I suspect I could make this job a lot simpler  if I don't worry so much
about pushing on that copper line a bit. It's not that fragile I guess, and
I could probably move it a fair amount without doing any damage. Maybe a
little more aggressive approach will make the job as straightforward as I
_thought_ it would be once I removed the reservoir (way back on Monday
afternoon). Hey it's only been a couple of days agonizing over this thing.
The new hose hasn't even arrived yet. :-)


P.S. The "Penne con Pentosin" was very good. Marc, I and Judy finished a
bottle of Chardonnay with the meal, and then Marc and I went down to the
garage and pushed prodded and pulled on extensions and sockets for about 90
minutes. I think he was well-sobered up for his drive home by that time.

1 lb ripe tomatoes (remove skin and seeds)
1 carrot--small (finely grated)
1 onion--small to medium (diced)
1 tablespoon extra-virgin olive oil
1 teaspoon (or so) of fresh thyme (or equivalent amm't--1/4 tsp-- of dry thyme)
salt and pepper to taste

In a small saucepan, saute' the onions in the extra-virgin olive oil. When
onions are nicely colored, add the carrots and thyme and cook with stirring
for another 2 or 3 minutes. Crush the tomatoes (I do it by hand, but a
food-mill or processor works OK) and add them to the pot. Simmer (with lid
off and frequent stirring) for about 45 minutes. Add salt and pepper to
taste. Makes about 1 cup-- enough for a pound of lightly sauced pasta
(double recipe if you like _lots) of sauce on your pasta).

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