[200q20v] power steering hose--progress at last

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Oct 26 00:08:33 EDT 2000

News flash to the Audi Perseverance Hotline:

Victory in sight. A minor bit of tool-customization seemed to do the trick.
At a nearby auto supply I purchased a cheap 19mm combination wrench (at
$4.49 it seemed pretty decent quality, but anyway, surgery was planned).
After a few minutes of Moto-Dremeling (Dremelling?) I had done a
boxendectomy. By cutting off the box-end I could get a 3/4" iron pipe (aka
"cheater bar") to slide on snugly. I then set the open-end jaws onto the
banjobolt, and with a tiny tweek (amazing how easily bolts break loose when
you're at the end of a 4 ft lever) the bolt head turned a few degrees and
became loose enough to turn without the cheater. A "few degrees" was all
the movement I could get with the cheater because of brakeline
interference. Anyway I now have  "teased" the bolt around a turn or two
with wrenches, and it's just about movable using only my fingertips.  What

The new hose had arrived from Carlsen this afternoon. Tomorrow morning I'll
finish the extraction and start installing the replacement. I'll try to use
one the tips I've read about how to keep the o-rings from falling off the
bolt, (thread, rubber band, etc, etc.)

Oh yes, I almost forgot: A no-extra-cost bonus, included with every
official Made-in-Germany VAG-original-equipment hose (443 498 892 C), is a
set of new banjo bolts and o-rings. And the best news is that you can have
all this for a low, low price of only $138.00 (or four monthly payments of
just $34.50 + shipping.) Operators in Palo Alto are standing by to take
your calls. Ask for Didi and have Visa or Mastercard number handy. Some
side-effects have been reported; these include insomnia, shortness of
temper, transient hypertension, and mild pentosinemia. E-mail the 200q20v
list if these symptoms persist.

Many thanks to all those who graciously tried to answer my seemingly
endless questions.


Phil Rose				Rochester, NY
'91 200q				mailto:pjrose at frontiernet.net

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