[200q20v] The Wrinkle

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Thu Oct 26 01:44:34 EDT 2000

I'm down here under my car watching Pentosin drain from the reservoir into
a plastic catch-pan. There, it's finished. Uhm, where were we? Oh, 225/60
tires on a lowered suspension.

My car's suspension is stock--oem springs with new Boge turbogas all
around, so I can't offer any experience.  Also, I've not had the car very
heavily loaded so I don't even have  experience with a pseudo-lowered
suspension). I'd be concerned if the rear is as much as 1" lower. There's a
lot of sidewall bulge in that size tire, and the (my) wrinkle made contact
at a point well above the center of the tire (actually, not far below the
tread). Hence I'd expect that with much lowering you just might have even
the _un_wrinkled fender liner able to making contact at some lower point on
the sidewall bulge. I assume that's your concern, also.

Steve Hackett (sbhack at pop1.attglobal.net) was the one who told me about his
use of 225/60 tires (and the wrinkle). Maybe he has some info regarding a
lowered suspension situation. C'mon over to Rochester and I'd be happy to
swap tires for a few hours.


>    Phil Rose, are you out there?  You made a post  back in April that you
>fitted 225/60/15's after correcting the infamous 11:00  rear fender
>wrinkle.  My avant has the  H&R/Boge turbo combination and I want the 225
>width only because there are  limited options in the 215 size group.  Much
>like your beast, my driver  side wrinkle is more pronounced than the
>passenger well.  I plan on  fixing the wrinkle this weekend, but I'd like
>to know if the lowered suspension  is going to create any problems with
>clearance.  Any BTDT's out  there?   Mike O.

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