[200q20v] Driving Lights

Joseph Vanzeipel vanzeipel at sunvalley.net
Wed Oct 25 23:16:41 EDT 2000

Well, I succumbed to the urge for driving lights, or aux lights for my
200q20v to "correct" the poor headlight situation.  Picked up a pair at
walmart for $40, which is almost too expensive for me on a college budget
(so euros are out of the question).  Anyone installed some on their car?
Where is the best place to put these?

I am, using my bently and wits alone, going to integrate the switch into the
dash, I need two parts, a rear fog light switch, and the harness to it (the
switch plugs into a socket, and 5? wires come out).  I already had a spare
switch, but there aren't any type 44 quattros in a junkyard near me, so I
don't have the socket+wires, does anyone have a harness or have one in a
junkyard to "grab" for me?

Thanks in advance,
Joseph Vanzeipel
91 200quattro (105k)

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