[200q20v] Driving Lights

Mike & Tanya Atkisson matkisson at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 26 12:35:56 EDT 2000

When I was messing with my stereo a couple of weeks ago I notice an unused
connector in the dash.  It was right next to my rear fog light switch.  My
car is German Spec and has seat heaters, rear defrost, ABS off, and
headlight adjustment switches in the long panel without the change holder.

Any chance the car is prewired for front Fogs too????? or is it just wishful


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> Well, I succumbed to the urge for driving lights, or aux lights for my
> 200q20v to "correct" the poor headlight situation.  Picked up a pair at
> walmart for $40, which is almost too expensive for me on a college budget
> (so euros are out of the question).  Anyone installed some on their car?
> Where is the best place to put these?
> I am, using my bently and wits alone, going to integrate the switch into
> dash, I need two parts, a rear fog light switch, and the harness to it
> switch plugs into a socket, and 5? wires come out).  I already had a spare
> switch, but there aren't any type 44 quattros in a junkyard near me, so I
> don't have the socket+wires, does anyone have a harness or have one in a
> junkyard to "grab" for me?
> Thanks in advance,
> Joseph Vanzeipel
> 91 200quattro (105k)
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