[200q20v] The Wrinkle

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Thu Oct 26 11:06:58 EDT 2000

In a message dated Thu, 26 Oct 2000  2:55:16 AM Eastern Daylight Time, "Mike 
Miller" <mikemilr at blackfoot.net> writes:

<< I'm running 225/60/15 BFG Comp T/A VR4 on my stock suspension (130k 
miles).  I have newer Bilstein HDs all around and I have not had any rubbing 
yet. I don't have any wrinkles in the fender wells though. I've had a lot of 
weight in the rear with no problems. Trunk fully loaded  and back seat full 
enough that I didn't have room for a case of beer that I saw on sale. I also 
drive a lot of gravel/dirt roads here in Montana with lots of pot holes and 
washboard with out any rubbing.

mike miller>>

I've got the rear driver's side wrinkle, a slightly lowered rear suspension 
(using stock '92 S4 springs; about 1/3" drop?), and 255/40r17 tires.  I've 
had the car overloaded far beyond design; slight rubbing on the liner, but a 
simple mod and it's fine.  Remember, as the rear suspension is compressed, it 
travels through an arc, and the top outer portion of the tire moves inward.  
I've jacked up the passenger front corner of the car, which tends to compress 
the driver's rear corner, then had several bodies in the trunk; no rubbing.

Oh, and re: the beer, if it was _good_ beer, I'd have put some of the stuff 
on my lap and made room, or pulled out the roof racks...

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