[200q20v] RE:Driving Lights

Joseph Vanzeipel vanzeipel at sunvalley.net
Thu Oct 26 16:12:26 EDT 2000

I only spent $40, so I figured that it wasn't too much of a waste of money
if I didn't like them.  Of course, at $600, I better like the euros.  Looks
like I'll be begging for that for Christmas (hey, I'm still a kid at heart

I'll probably duct tape them to the bumper and test them out (without
driving of course).

> I have a pair of "expensive" PIAA lights mounted to and below the bumper.
> These guys are 100w a side.  Here is my opinion: they help, but not much. I
> don't like and will not drive around town with them on. They will blind
> everyone.  
> If you really want to improve your lighting situation then try to mount them
> up as high as you can.  Mine are low, so they aim straight out and kill
> other drivers, or I can aim them down and light up about 5 ft in front of my
> car.  
> Overall I still can't see at night
> Dreaming of euros
> Brian Link
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