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Do you know the P/N for that "headlight adjustment switches" you mentioned? 
(And why the plural?) Is this the height adjustment used in Europe for low 


The usual setup for euro lights in the USA is for those with manual 
adjusters; you probably need the switches, wiring, motors, and hopefully a 
replacement piece for the manual adjusters on the lights.
Part numbers etc. listed on the link from my site to scott mockry's site:
"Electric Motor Adjusters

     Some people have also fitted the european electric motor Headlamp 
adjustment system on their vehicles and this system
     allows height adjustment of the Euro headlights from inside the vehicle 
using a thumb knob. The adjustment motor replaces
     the height adjustment knob/lever assembly. The part number for the Euro 
headlight motor is 443-941-295 (2 required), the
     thumb knob switch is 447-941-301A, 01C? These adjustment motors and 
switch may be only available from Germany. There
     are also some manual pull rod shown in the euro parts fiche for manual 
operation of the up/down gray lever. 447 941 299C
     (left) and 447 941 299D (Right) "


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