[200q20v] RE:Driving Lights

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Fri Oct 27 17:43:00 EDT 2000

>But with a footnote, people who have Euros? do you have them setup so that
>the bulb does not flash on the dash each time you start the car?

I believe details are on Chris Miller's page, but basically you can either 
pull the headlight-bulb autocheck "relay" that measures current through 
itself and replace with jumper wires, or disable the pin that reports a 
discrepancy between the sides' current flow to the autocheck unit. This is 
actually a "feature" of the relays being used to take the load off the 
headlight switch (and small stock wires causing low bulb voltage) and not 
the eurolites themselves, which can be wired up with the stock non-relayed 
wires - but if you are going to all the trouble of putting the eruos in, 
why not do relays too.

Henry Harper
1991 200 quattro, 110k, relayed euros
1988 GTI 16v, 214k, relayed euros

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