[200q20v] PS hose: installation update

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Sat Oct 28 01:32:06 EDT 2000

Of course I should have stated all torque values in lb.-ft.

At 10:15 PM -0400 10/27/00, Phil Rose wrote:
 35 lbs of tightening torque on a
>bolt that can't be reached by a torque wrench (or, for that matter, by any
>socket wrench)?
>The solution was to use the same 42" cheater extension that had so nicely
>worked for loosening the bolt. This time, the black-iron pipe was rigged so
>that I could suspend a 1-gallon jug of water from the end. I calculated
>that an effective force of about 35 lbs (torque) would be created by
>hanging approx. 11 lbs from the end of the lever arm (42" extension held
>initially at an angle of about 45 degrees from horizontal). The heavy pipe
>itself supplied 2 lbs of force while the jug of water added about another
>8.5 lbs.The weight caused the cheater arm to move about 10 or 15 degrees
>before it stopped. I estimate the final tightening torque was between 30
>and 35 lbs. Close enough.

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