[200q20v] Euro lights

Tom and Carlyn Jervis jervidae at cybermesa.com
Sat Oct 28 16:46:07 EDT 2000

I installed euro lights shortly after I got my car in 1992 so the 
following solution is well time tested.  I merely upgraded the 
high-beam fuses to 15A--the wiring is well capable of supporting this 
amperage.  This gives you a capacity of 180W.  I then wired the 
lights as you would expect, using 100W in the high-beam unit and 
transferring the marker light to the "city" light bulb.  This 
solution preserves all the functionality of the check system and I 
have never had a problem with it.  It does limit what you can do with 
the dual filament half of the unit.  I believe mine are 55/60W but 
the overall effect is quite satisfactory.

It is true that by putting in relays you can increase the wattage 
substantially, but most of the benefit is the result of a better 
reflector design rather by the brute force applied.

Tom Jervis

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