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<< Hello,

Is there a way to test a WGFV?  Does anyone have expierence with the 
symptoms of one that is going bad?


Brian Link
91 200tq
I believe the bentley manual gives a resistance spec for the wgfv (waste gate 
frequency valve).  If it does not work, you won't see over about 1.4 bar 
absolute (spring pressure controlling boost against manifold pressure).

There are also the output tests, associated with reading fault codes; you 
step through the sequence to the one for the wgfv, and the ECU will cycle it 
about 1x per second (clicks).

I suppose you could hook up a boost/vac gauge to the input, and watch it go 
wild as boost comes on... I've also got a test light for the system, which 
shows when the ecu activates the wgfv, but not if the wgfv itself operates...

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