[200q20v] New TBV failed within 1200 miles!

Mike & Tanya Atkisson matkisson at yahoo.com
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Speaking of TBV.  How much should I expect to pay for a replacement valve??
I went by the Porsche dealer today to try and get a price on the 996 TBV,
but I could not find the correct translation for what I needed.  (I am in
Germany)  They thought I meant the Turbo Wastegate.  So I went next door to
the Audi dealer and asked the same thing.  He looked on ETKA, but could not
find it.  He finally came out to my car and looked at where the part was and
found it that way.  I got a price of around $35 from Audi for the stock 3B
TBV.  He didn't write the word down for me in German, so I didn't check back
with Porsche.

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> Well, subject pretty much says it all. I used the 993 valve that I got
> Mac at Clair, and things were great for a month. Yesterday the symptoms
> returned: a little missing at low boost levels on acceleration, and the
> occasional complete stall out when coming to a stop.
> When I replaced the TBV I also replaced the vacuum hose, but used what the
> FLAPS had- straight rubber hose, no braid. Visually, it still looks fine.
> Help!
>  >>
> What was the part number?  Did that valve have the metal reinforcement?
> your car chipped?
> You can test the valve pretty easily; if it has failed, call Clair and see
> about warrantee replacement.  I'm using the stock valve, chipped, works
> chris
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