[200q20v] "Easy Clamp" for small dia. vac/press. hoses

Phil Rose pjrose at frontiernet.net
Fri Sep 1 21:12:06 EDT 2000

How to clamp certain Audi small-diameter vacuum or pressure hoses?  The
factory often installs a crimped-on single-use clamp, but after it's
removed we're faced with a problem of how to resecure. In my experience,
such tiny sizes (for 0.25- 0.3 inch dia. hose) of screw-drive hose clamp
aren't carried in many automotive supply outlets. Also there can be a
problem of insufficient clearance for the bulky screw-drive of an ordinary
hose clamp An example of this is the vac/boost hose that controls the
throttle over-run shutoff valve (affectionately known as turbo bypass).
This valve has a hose nipple that is recessed in the valve body and doesn't
provide much (any?) room for a conventional screw-drive clamp.

However I recently came upon an item that may serve well in some of these
situations: the "Easy Clamp". This type of clamp is a familar looking
little band of spring-steel that is operated (loosened) by using ordinary
pliers to squeeze a set of opposing tabs.  When you let go, the clamp
tightens by spring-action. The clamp size should be selected so that it
slides on  over the empty hose with some resistance (or with a little
speading); then it will provide substantial holding force after a fitting
(e.g., hose nipple) is inserted. Some layers of tape might be used if the
clamp is slightly oversized. I've just used several of these clamps to
secure the hoses to a small T-fitting that feeds my boost gauge.

I haven't had a chance to verify that this type of clamp will actually fit
at the turbo bypass valve nipple, but I expect it should work (gripping it
with needle-nose pliers). I've seen two sizes: 1/4" and 3/8" (hose O.D.;
there may be a 5/16" available as well as larger sizes.) I wouldn't
recommend these be used where holding power is critical (oil, brake,
coolant) but they seems like a useful kind of clamp for boost and vac
lines. I found mine at Lowe's--located in the plumbing department's display
of brass pipe and tubing (compression) fittings. The supplier is
Anderson-Barrows (p/n A-88 and A-190 for the 1/4" and 3/8' size,
respectively.) I'm sure they're also listed in many catalogs.

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