[200q20v] 20vt custom exhaust ponderings...

Chris Covington malth at umich.edu
Fri Sep 1 16:49:09 EDT 2000

I'm looking into the 3" custom exhaust route, after spending a lot of
money on a Scorpion for my previous CQ that sounded awful.  It looks like
this time I can't install a test pipe in place of the cat, given that I'm
probably moving to CA soon (emissions testing).

So my question is, when I replace my 200q20v's cats, should/could I use a
3" replacement, or, stick with the stock size and go to 3" after that?
Should I use 2 cats like the stock arrangment, or can I get away with one?

How about muffler(s) - 1 or 2?  I want a quiet system, almost stock in
sound (maybe with a little snarl).

'91 2cq

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